Best Time of Year for Finding a Talent Agent

This week: Timing; Finding a talent agent / Changing talent agencies

Talent AgencyWhen is the best time of year for seeking an agent?

Before and after pilot season. And…the summer.

Casting will have slightly slowed to episodics, films, Broadway and regional theater. Agents are freer to explore expanding their client lists. Agents are also cleaning their client lists during summer; dropping actors who have a history of:

– Being high-maintenance

– Not returning emails, texts, and or calls regarding audition appointments

– Under-performing (i.e. call-back ratio is low, actor doesn’t book jobs that are commisionable)

During this sluggish semester agents, aside from sitting at their desks surfing the web, are seeking new clients while dumping troubled  and lackluster clients. June to July’s end is the best time for anyone without representation (or represented actors seeking a change) to seek their champion.

Early to mid-summer is the time of year when agents have time on their hands – which is often taken up by anxious clients asking their reps, “Where are my auditions?” You would think these inquiring actors would know that year-after-year this is hibernation season for casting. It’s cyclical folks.

Agents are more receptive to taking on new clients before the hustle of pitching for projects picks up again in late July, mid-August. There’s no better time of year for seeking an agent, fully prepared with an effective audition, revamped marketing materials and honed interview skills.

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