How Actors Get More Work!

An actress lands three, full years of continual work earning a weekly salary, benefits, and vacations. She’s going on her fourth year of steady acting-work without an audition.

An actress lands three, full years of continual work earning a weekly salary, benefits, and vacations. She’s going on her fourth year of steady acting-work without an audition.

Paul RussellA non-union actor re-vamps his marketing & branding strategy for seeking auditions. His audition appointment responses triple: he books his first principal role in a feature film.

A middle-aged actor—the bean bag of entertainment for years—has no champion and few opportunities offered. He takes control of his career, snares a champion, and has been booking screen work continuously for the past two years.

How did these actors create opportunities and win work?

They, and dozens of artists like them, did two things:

1) They seized control by blowing off the, “where’s my career” woes. 2) They sought my guidance on their audition & marketing skills.

Master Class fun @ Emory & Henry!
Master Class fun
@ Emory & Henry!

I don’t take full credit for their successes. I’m a gateway MFA & BFA programs, and individual actors seek for my joyful sharing of expertise for a successful acting career. Fulfillment of goals is dependent upon the actor to take, and leverage industry insight to their advantage. The actor is in control; not me.

Because actors recently wrote me how they’d been helped by our time together strengthening their career I’m launching a new master class in NYC that I’ve been teaching at universities for nearly a decade. The entirety of the actor’s career, and acting skills, are covered. The master class has adviser panels consisting of casting directors, talent agents, and/or mangers. And the four-week class is for all actors: represented & non-represented!

Image1ACTING: Make It Your Business
– The Master Class

The motivator to discover how I can help you is dependent upon your desire for bettering yourself, and career.

The master class is presently registering. Seize your goals.  Info here.

“I’m STILL booking through About Artists Agency.
All thanks to your master classes! Thank you!”

J.P. Groeninger_


“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed
your book and your class. Learning the little tricks, tips and ins/outs
of the business has helped me to feel back in control of my own career.”

Katie Martin  KM

AMIYB – The Master Class | Actor Feedback & Success Stories

My best,

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Paul Russell’s career as a casting director, director, acting teacher and former actor has spanned nearly thirty years. He has worked on projects for major film studios, television networks, and Broadway. Paul has taught the business of acting and audition technique at NYU and has spoken at universities including Yale, Temple and the University of the Arts. He is the author of ACTING: Make It Your Business – How to Avoid Mistakes and Achieve Success as a Working Actor. For more information, please visit

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Author: Paul Russell

Paul Russell has been in the entertainment industry for over thirty years as an award-winning casting director, director and the author of ACTING: Make It Your Business; . He began as a successful working actor.