Black-market Breakdown Theft Catches Actors

Sellers and conduits of black-market breakdowns and their customers—actors—infringing on Breakdown Services’ subscription copy write are being found, prosecuted, and fined. An actor need not participate with dollars in the subversive selling/buying of breakdowns to be caught in an attorney’s cross-hairs.

black market breakdowns

black market breakdowns

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Paul Russell

black market breakdowns

Sellers and conduits of black-market breakdowns and their customers—actors—infringing on Breakdown Services’ subscription copy write are being found, prosecuted, and fined. The dark shadows of online black-market breakdowns for casting of major studio films, network television, Broadway and prominent regional theater digitally dots a trail to the sellers who profit on the desperation of actors. A digital marker is also placed on the hopeful actors illicitly paying for casting breakdowns that only franchised talent agents and Breakdown Services vetted managers receive.

The trail begins simply. Actors receive an email from a supposed seller or conduit:

“Hello bd friends,

“Big apologies if you’re receiving this message more than once! It’s AVP Wilson (also known as Music Staff or XBD Henry), back once more with some very good news about the bd’s. The supplier I told you about a while ago has now cut their charge in half…

“So, as before, if you’re interested, just send an e-mail to “********** [at] ******* [dot] com” and ask about the “recipes,” and please tell them AVP sent you. They are very security-conscious, so please do not use words like “bd,” or what that stands for, or “casting” or “actor” or anything like that. Just use the word “recipes” and they’ll know what you’re looking for.

“Feel free to pass this on to friends, but please, only people you know are trustworthy and serious about their acting careers! If you do pass this on to anyone, I’d prefer that you not forward this message, but put the essential info (e-mail, recipes, avp etc) in your own separate message.

“Thanks, have a wonderful spring, and break a leg! AVP”

Sent from several email addresses the connector, which in this case may also be the seller, sent a blast email previously this year to actors announcing:

“… as some of you may recall, someone “outed” me in early 2014 and I got into big trouble. So I’m staying out of the game. However, since a number of you have asked where you might find another “source,” there is one I can recommend…”

How was AVP and the management company caught leading to legal action taken against them? These emails are also sent to Breakdown Services, which then forwards them onto the IT department, and then legal counsel.

Email isn’t anonymous. Email leaves a digital trail between sender and recipient. The latter tracing should strike grave concern to the hopes of actors who buy black-market breakdowns. If an actor is traipsing in black-market breakdowns more than likely that actor’s identity is known to investigation, as is known the identity of sellers and intermediaries. To be identified an actor need not participate with dollars in the subversive selling/buying of breakdowns. Receiving the emails alone from black-market breakdown parasites leaves a digital trail crawling to the actor’s inbox and identity.

Big brother Breakdown Services is watching. Or, is big brother’s ‘watching’ an in-house drawing in of actors with the prior email pitch for actors to buy black-market breakdowns? The actor won’t know. But when an attorney for Breakdowns Services reaches out to the actor, the actor will know they’ve been caught. In this business of ‘show’ will the actor then be smiling when they are low?

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