Regional Theatre & What You Don’t Know About the Constant Success of Barter Theatre – Conversation with Richard Rose

“We learn more from our failures than we actually do from our success.”

Richard Rose, Producing Artistic Director – Barter Theatre (1992 – 2019)

Richard Rose has the keenest, candid, insights on American regional theatre past, present, and future. Anyone who’s been in “Rick’s” company soon discovers Rose intuitively knows them a bit more honestly than they may themselves. His awareness, a key attribute to Rose’s prior tenure as the second-longest, producing artistic director for the Barter Theatre. The State Theatre of Virginia, Barter is the longest-running, professional, Equity theatre in the United States. Barter is also the first regional theater to receive a TONY.  

Rose led the Barter to unprecedented growth in attendance, and expansion of programs serving the U.S. southeast and beyond in culture, education, economic development, and community building. In this video interview with founder Tony Angelini, Rose explains Barter’s constant success.

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Paul Russell is as an award-winning casting director, director and the author of NEW & EXPANDED edition of ACTING: Make It Your Business – How to Avoid Mistakes and Achieve Success as a WOrking Actor. He’s cast for 20th Century Fox, HBO, Broadway, and regional theater. Featured in American Theatre Magazine, Paul has directed premiers, and at the Tony-award recognized Barter Theatre. He teaches master classes at university BFA and MFA actor training programs, and privately online with actors globally. Paul began his career in entertainment as a successful working actor.

Author: Paul Russell

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