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If you think you’re getting all the insdier info and tips of Pau;’s 30-plus years of working in the entertainment industry here at Answers for Actors; you missing out on what has become required reading at many performing arts schools!

And you’re also missing the priceless insider tips for a successful career as an actor from power-agents and well-known actors of Broadway and Screen. All in Paul’s first book, ACTING: Make It Your Business, published by Penguin-Random House. A number one seller on

What Industry Pros Are Saying:

“Humorous and witty… Actors everywhere who are trying to succeed in the business, young or old, on stage or on camera, in New York or anywhere in the world, take note: This is your roadmap!”

BERNARD TELSEY, casting director
(Mary Poppins Returns, This Is Us, Hamilton)

“All the right questions asked and answered and with a generous portion of good humor.”

SUZANNE RYAN, casting director
(Law & Order)

“Entertaining, insightful, well-written. Paul Russell has a keen eye, razor-sharp insight and a big heart. I urge all actors young and old to read this book!

(Ragtime B’way), playwright, teacher

“Paul’s book made me proud to be a part of this community we call ‘show’.”

Tony & Drama Desk award-winner

“I love this book! Paul’s book tells you what you don’t want to hear but you really need to know. Every actor should read this book!”

DIANE RILEY, talent agency partner
Harden Curtis Kisten Riley & Associates

About Paul’s Best-Selling Book:

How To Avoid Mistakes and Achieve Success as a Working Actor

Published by Back Stage Books (a division of Random House) and written by award-wining casting director, director and former actor, Paul Russell Acting: Make It Your Business puts the power to land jobs and thrive in any medium – stage, film, TV, or the Internet – directly into the hands of the actor. Well-known actors, powerful agents of Broadway and Hollywood make cameos throughout, offering newcomers and working professionals alike a clear-eyed, uncensored perspective on survival and advancement in the entertainment industry.

The best-selling, blunt, acting book for actors featuring up to date info on:

  • How to Improve Audition & Interview techniques

  • How to Find & Keep a Talent Agent

  • The Business of Acting: How to Be A Working Actor

  • Best Actor Training: The Industry Approved Schools

  • Actor Marketing for The Digital Age

Fifteen chapters including advice from well-known Broadway actors, LA screen stars, power talent agents, and casting director Paul Russell. All offering in-depth guidance on how to be a better working actor.


Of the many readership reviews:

An Actor’s Dream

I am an actor who has spent 20 years in the industry. I am still working even at my “ripe old age,” and consider myself fairly savvy when it comes to the business. I am naturally wary of “DIY Acting Career” books because usually it’s just a rehashing of what we’ve been told for ages (or worse, completely cult-like, ridiculous advice from a self-appointed guru). This book is different. Paul Russell is the real McCoy, and his advice has made a dramatic (pardon the pun) impact on my career.Paul’s natural respect for actors and our craft shines through, especially when he’s being extremely frank (and at times harsh) about the mistakes we make in the name of getting a job. Paul raises the bar and treats us like the professionals we either are or should be, and it behooves us all to treat ourselves and our careers with the same level of scrutiny and respect. I feel better prepared now to present myself with poise, pride and confidence than at any other time in my career.You’ve always wanted to be a fly on the wall listening to the discussions of agents, directors and casting directors – you’ll get that here, and it’s not always pretty, but it will teach you more about the industry and about the business of acting than any other book on the market. The most important thing this book can teach you is how to be a competitive PROFESSIONAL, rather than a thick-headed amateur.

If you’re an actor, no matter the level of your career, I HIGHLY recommend buying this book.”

Nicole Poole
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